Fun Facts about Milan

Milan city is like a non-stop Caleidoscope. The precious past is illuminated here in every street, building, square and park. Its secrets are lined with upscale restaurants, and streets are jammed with fashionistas and historical jewel. Below are five fun facts about Milan.

1. Milan Has the Most Famous Opera House in Europe


Two thousand visitors can seat in Teatro Alla Scala being one of the best ballet and opera theatres in the world. Facing Leonardo Da Vinci’s monument and Milan’s city hall (Palazzo Marino), is an unobtrusive greyish building in the square where all its magic is hidden. It is hosts the La Scala Theatre Orchestra, La Scala Theatre Ballet, and La Scala Theatre Chorus. Moreover, in the 18-19th centuries, the theatre used to hold a casino.


2. Leonardo da Vinci Invented the First Water Lock for the Milanese Channel


In 1496, the first Conca (miter gate) was constructed in Milan. This was to compensate for the water level difference between the circular channel and Naviglio di Martesana. Nowadays, this is one of the most commonly known water gates arrangement in the world.


3. Milan is Incredibly Multicultural


Over 20 percent of Milan population comprises of foreign immigrants. Most of them emerge from countries such as Romania, Morocco, Ukraine, Albania, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Peru, and China


4. Milanese Castle (Castello Sforzesco)


The Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza, built the castle in the 15th century. The current appearance of the castle depends on the reconstruction undertaken by Luca Beltrami in the 20th century. It also comprises of an open restoration lab and a staggering museum of musical instruments. There are various types of paintings inside too. 


5. Milan is Deserted in August


If you are willing to visit the city where local residents are not available, the best time for that is the second half of August. Most of the residents prefer spending those hot holidays in the mountains or near the sea. Lots of restaurants and shops might be closed in this season, but the city is always a better occasion for amazing photos because of the city architecture.